UKC Booster Siberian Husky – 15th September 2019

SSASO is teaming up with the UKC Grand River Kennel Club in Rockton, Ontario to help organise a Siberian Husky Breed Booster dog show on Sunday 15th September 2019, to be judged by Deb Bean.

Rosettes will be supplied by the Grand River Kennel Club and there will be prizes too.

Conformation Classes:

  • Puppy (6 months-under 1 year)
  • Junior (1 year-under 2 years)
  • Open (6 months & over)
  • Adult (2 years & over)
  • Breeder & Handler (6 months & over shown by breeder)
  • Champion (CH)
  • Grand Champion (GRCH)
  • Brace
  • Altered
  • Veteran
  • Novice Puppy
  • Working Sled Dog

NO CHARGE for Novice Puppy or Working Sled Dog with same day entry into a licensed class.

New to the Booster – Siberian Husky Working Sled Dog Class

Sled Dog Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario (SSASO) is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a pilot for a new unlicensed Siberian Husky show class: Working Sled Dog with UKC’s Grand River Kennel Club in Rockton ON, to be held at the Siberian Husky Booster on 15th September 2019.

The Working (Siberian Husky) Sled Dog Class is geared to put performance working Siberian Huskies together in the show ring. This is a significant event as it is one of the first UKC classes for Siberian Huskies training for competitive sports.

Many mushers and handlers refuse to show their ‘working’ Siberian Huskies in the show ring due to generations of functionality breeding creating a type divide between ‘Show’ and ‘Working’ lines in most breeding programs.

UKC was established in 1898, they celebrate the Total Dog through family-friendly events and programs highlighting canine bonds, instincts, rewarding ability and heritage while maintaining the virtue of our pedigrees. Through these efforts, we give Honor to Whom Honor is Due!

Working Sled Dog Class Entry Requirement:

The Unlicensed Working Sled Dog Class sponsored by Sled Dog Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario (SSASO) is for UKC registered/TL Siberian Huskies that have been involved in ongoing training for the purpose of competing in the 2018-2020 dryland or sled racing seasons or participating in other harness based sled dog events, performance-based sports or fun runs.

Please bring proof of racing or training to the Siberian Husky Booster on 15th September 2019 for a SSASO representative (Deb Langlois or Lisa De Gennaro) to review prior to 10am on the day of the Siberian Husky Booster.

Training requirement examples:

2018-19 Race/Event results, training log, multiple pictures of training runs/races/events etc.


Entry for Working Sled Dog Class is FREE with any licensed class registration for the same day/15th September 2019. You may show a different UKC Registered Siberian Husky in Working Sled Dog Class, it does not have to be the same one you showed in the Booster.

This class will follow Best in Booster, along with Novice Puppy and Veteran

Working Sled Dog rosettes will be awarded to 1st – 4th places by UKC Booster Judge Deb Bean and winners will be listed on the SSASO website.

For those that wish to partake in the Working Sled Dog Class please indicate so in the Non-Licensed Class line provided on your licensed show registration:


UKC Single Dog Registration $35.00
UKC Temporary Listing $20.00
Online show application form

About UKC

Celebrating the unique Total Dog philosophy, UKC events highlight the instincts and heritage of dogs that look and perform equally well, as more than 60 percent of its annually licensed events are tests of hunting ability, training, and instinct.

What Makes The UKC Different?

UKC’s emphasis on the owner-handler-breeder and their dogs creates an inclusive, fun, and educational environment. Our comprehensive event opportunities highlight dogs’ instinct and heritage while encouraging the human-canine bond. Amiable competition lends integrity to all UKC titles and degrees, furthering the virtue of every UKC pedigree. Through our registry services, performance and hunting events, and experienced staff committed to accurate and helpful customer service, UKC strives to promote Real Dogs for Real People.

If you have question regarding the Booster/UKC or Grand River Kennel Club please email:

Event Location:

Rockton Fairgrounds (Indoors)
812 Old Hwy 8
Rockton, ON L0R 1X0