Sunday 16th September 2018


UKC Grand River Kennel Club Siberian Husky Breed Booster dog show

Deb Langlois and Lisa De Gennaro of SSASO are teaming up with the UKC Grand River Kennel Club in Rockton, Ontario to help organise a Siberian Husky Breed Booster dog show on Sunday 16th September 2018, to be judged by Kevin Izard-Carroll.

Judge Kevin Izard-Carroll wrote:

“I am honoured to be asked and look forward to the appointment as always. Thank you Grand River Kennel Club! I have many years experience with Siberian Huskies as a handler and kennel mate to Lueldar kennels in Ireland & Europe.”

Northern Breed Booster will be put on by another group on Saturday 15th September 2018, judged by Eleanor Heagy.  Back to back boosters are a great way to make it a full show weekend!

Rosettes will be supplied by the Grand River Kennel Club and there will be prizes too!

Rockton Fairgrounds has camping facilities with water and hydro at $15.00 per night pre-paid and $20.00 per night at the door.  Payment for camping can be sent with entries.  It is better to pre-book to secure a pitch.

Events Offered:

  • Conformation (Junior Showmanship, Brace, Novice Puppy, Total Dog/Total Junior, Veteran)
  • Rally Obedience

NO CHARGE for Novice Puppy with an entry into a licensed class.

If you have been thinking about registering your dog under UKC there is still time to do so before this show!  Here is the link to the UKC website registration.

If you are not a UKC member but have an AKC/CKC registered dog, you can get a ‘Temporary Listing (TL)‘.  It is quick and easy and can be done online in about 10 minutes.

You can download Show Entry Forms here.  Owners of pre-registered dogs receive a free breakfast voucher.

Conformation Classes:

  • Puppy (6 months-under 1 year)
  • Junior (1 year-under 2 years)
  • Intermediate (2 years-under 3 years)
  • Adult (3 years & over)
  • Breeder & Handler (6 months & over shown by breeder)
  • Champion (CH)
  • Grand Champion (GRCH)
  • Brace
  • Altered
  • Veteran
  • Novice Puppy

If you have question regarding the Booster/UKC or Grand River Kennel Club please email:

Event Location:

Rockton Fairgrounds (Indoors)
812 Old Hwy 8
Rockton, ON L0R 1X0

UKC Grand River Kennel Club Siberian Husky Breed Booster dog show


SSASO has teamed up with Mush with PRIDE

Many mushers, kennels and organisations such as ISDRA have already joined Mush with PRIDE and we at SSASO believe that in today’s society, it is in every musher’s best interest to be at or above the standard for care and quality of life we provide for our four-legged team mates. Let’s face it, there is no team without our dogs!

What is Mush with PRIDE?

Mush with PRIDE logo

PRIDE stands for Providing Responsible Information on a Dog’s Environment. The relationship between sled dogs and humans is one of the oldest bonds of its kind. Modern sled dog owners are proud of their dogs as canine athletes that are bred and trained to do what they love – run as part of a team. Mush with PRIDE supports the responsible care and humane treatment of all dogs and is dedicated to enhancing the care and treatment of sled dogs in their traditional and modern uses.

Mush with PRIDE was established in 1991 as an organisation of mushers who were concerned about the care of sled dogs and public perceptions of mushing. To address some of these concerns, PRIDE developed sled dog care and equipment guidelines. We instituted a voluntary kennel inspection program and created a website to facilitate communication with dog mushers whose main concern is treatment and care of sled dogs.

What does this mean for me as a SSASO member?

This means you should be at or above the standards recommended by Mush with PRIDE. It’s not only in your dogs’ best interest, it’s a way we can help protect one another in the sled dog community, whether you’re in town with 1 dog or off-grid with 50+ dogs.

If you are not at the standards listed by Mush with PRIDE it is strongly recommended you strive to reach them.  If you need help, reach out to your friends and loved ones.  If they are unable to help, please feel free to contact Mush with PRIDE or a SSASO Board Member and we can offer advice.

Mush with PRIDE Standard can be found using this link, we encourage you to explore their website and become familiar with Mush with PRIDE’s Standard and literature. A great place to start is at the bottom of their home page with:

Sled Dog Care Guidelines

The first edition (1993) was great, the second edition (1998) was better, but the 3rd edition references scientific research that confirms proper care protocols for modern kennels.

Caring for Dogs During Crisis

Mushers must recognise that an unexpected loss of income, medical emergency or other life-changing circumstance could render us unable to properly care for our dogs. What can we do to ensure proper care of our dogs during a crisis?

Equipment Safety Guidelines

Based on a survey of experienced mushers, covers the basics of safe equipment choices and use. Includes chapters on dog gear, lines, sleds, rigs, skijoring, dog yards, travelling etc.

Voluntary Kennel Inspection Documents

PRIDE initiated this voluntary kennel inspection program to allow members to document the excellent care that they provide in their kennels every day. Download these documents to learn more about the program.

Saturday 16th February 2019

Annual Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run crowds at the start ceremony

Annual Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run logoEvery year since 1985, “sledvelopes” with letters prepared especially for this event, are gathered, loaded onto sleds and hauled by several dog teams to Rosseau, Ontario, 17-20 kilometers through the bush on groomed trails.

Teams gather and leave from the Village of Humphrey, Ontario, on Highway 141, to the cheers and good wishes from the many spectators and friends before they disappear in the bush on their way to the Rosseau Post Office to be received by the Post Mistress.

Annual Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run musher handing over the mailbag

The “sledvelopes” are hand stamped, a very old method of cancelling mail. These “sledvelopes” have become collector items all over the world.

What a wonderful surprise for a child, or even adult, to receive mail which has travelled by dogsled, pulled by eager Siberian Huskies!

If you would like to experience the excitement of this event, come to meet the drivers and the dogs on Saturday 16th February 2019 in the village of Humphrey. Enjoy breakfast with the group at the Humphrey Community Centre. There will be activities for the children and many opportunities to have pictures taken with the beautiful, friendly huskies.

Annual Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run Siberian Husky team

The cost of each sledvelope is $3.50.  They can be purchased at the arena the morning of the event.  Sledvelopes can also be purchased from the Seguin Township Municipal Office, Humphrey Arena, Rosseau Post Office, Nobel Post Office, or any Seguin Public Library branch (Rosseau, Humphrey, Foley or Orrville).

For event updates, follow the Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run Facebook Page or check the official Seguin Township website

This year’s 2018 Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run video was taken and arranged by Hong Zhao.